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loanOne Centre” is a new guarantee loan company that has started working in November 2012, as a new guarantee loans company, they provide the best loans on the market, and all the people who made business with “One Centre” were satisfied with the service of the company.

From (short term) small budget loans to (long term) big budget loans, depending on what kind of loan you need “One Centre” can help you in the best way.

All you need for a guarantee loan is just a guarantor to cosign the agreement between you and the company, and the guarantor can be anybody basically, guarantors are generally people like friends, parents, family members but guarantors can also be landlords, neighbors and work colleagues. As long as the person trusts you and isn’t financially responsible for you or financially dependent on you, our website doesn’t have criteria on who is your guarantor.

How can I be Eligible for a Guarantor Loan?

There is no need to worry about your credit score and your financial situation, there are some criteria you need to meet in order to make a guarantee loan. You need to be at least 18 years old and you need to have some kind of income. You should show that you hold a bank account in the United Kingdom and that you are a resident of the United Kingdom. Here are some of the best seven reasons why you should consider a guarantee loan:

Your credit has been refused? – Our lenders can accept a lot of enquiries that many other companies would refuse.

You can Avoid your credit score impact –If you’ve had enough of your credit score affecting your borrowing, then the guarantee loan is the right thing for you.

You have a Poor credit rating? – If your credit rating is very poor or you don’t have a credit history, then you can make a guarantee loan and be back on your feet.

You can Improve your credit rating – If you want to improve your credit rating, you should get a guarantee loan and pay it off without a problem or without frustration.

You can make cheaper (short term) cash loan – If you want a short term cash loan, you can make it here and repay it Ina smaller period of time then a long term cash loan.

You can make expensive (long term) cash loan– if you want a long term cash loan, you can make it here and repay it in a longer period of time, depending on the sum of your loan.

You want to invest in something but don’t want to make a credit in a bank? – then you should consider a guarantee loan, and make that investment without risking of going in a big debt.

So basically guarantee loan is the best thing to do when you need a big or small amount of money fast, and without risking of going in a debt, it is all you need.